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WeatherEye Systems Inc. provides information technology solutions for small to medium sized companies. We specialize in applying the technologies of the Internet to your business problems.

Our expertise includes systems integration, software development, and network consulting. Whether you want a simple web site or a complete presence on the Internet, we can provide the knowledge, the solutions and the infrastructure.

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Many of our customers have and continue to benefit from their IT and Internet investments. Read some of their stories.

AMPM Cyber Security Technology Today

Are you looking for a tool to identify persistent threats on your windows based computers? Are you looking for a solution to centrally monitor persistent threats across your enterprise whether in a central computer facility or in a remote standalone field office? Are you looking for a toolset to differentiate between valid and potentially threatening mechanisms? Are you looking for a tool that can remotely manage and quarantine threats? Are you looking for a tool that can correlate impending cyber attacks? Are you looking for a tool set that can perform all of these functions? Then the FireTower Guard/ASR/IHIPS/CyCon toolset is for you.

Authentication Management of Persistence Mechanisms (AMPM) continues to be a critical technology in combating cyber threats. The technologies are effective for large enterprises as well as standalone remote computer end-points and servers.

The AMPM solution set:

-- FireTower and FireTower Guard continuously monitors enterprise end-points.
-- Autorun Setting Repository ( ASR) provides real-time summary of threat assessment data.
-- Inter-Host Intrusion Protection System ( IHIPS) provides an incident triage platform across the enterprise.
-- CyCon provides a web based management console to monitor activity across the enterprise.
-- ConfigSafe assesses configuration changes assisting post incident forensic analyses..

Your Home Away from Home 

We provide virtual hosting services -- not just renting computer space.  We manage your web space with the same care you would provide on your internal systems. Our services include: 

  • custom software solutions
  • data base support and hosting
  • coordinate interfaces with intranet applications
  • domain name registration and management
  • e-mail account management and forwarding
  • site statistics and analysis

Notice: FireTower Guard Available for Windows 10

FireTower Guard has been updated for Windows 10. Get FireTower Guard 2.3 now from Sampan Security.

Network World Malware Article

Read a Network World article about zero-day attacks. It notes the innovative FireTower Guard solutions to defend against these attacks.

Protect Against Malware at Network Speed

One of the high priority issues for enterprise security is keeping tabs on threats in real time. A recent article by the DoD highlighted this Issue.

From DoD News, March 27, 2012

Army Gen. Keith B. Alexander, who also is the National Security Agency director, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he supports legislation that would require private companies to report attacks, and added that such reporting needs to happen before an attack is complete.

“We need to see the attack,” he said. “If we can’t see the attack, we can’t stop it. We have to have the ability to work with industry -- our partners -- so that when they are attacked, they can share that with us immediately.”

The message is that alerts must be available at network speed in order to identify, intercept and stop.  Futhermore, enterprises need to see potential threats on an ongoing basis.  Sampan Systems'  FireTower/CyCon tools provide a complete malware identification and management solution that operates at network speeds.

FireTower identifies malware without signatures and coupled with CyCon, alerts network security specialists that malware has or is attempting to establish itself at the client level.  Technicians can correlate attack vectors across clients and initiate corrective action.

For more information on the FireTower enterprise malware solution, send us an email at or visit

Proactive Malware Forensics

As a complementary package to the live FireTower Guard/Cycon toolkit, AutorunCheck is based on FireTower technology offering quick post attack forensics to identify possible breaches. The capability is available to forensic as well as operations specialists to greatly expedite the process of identifying and verifying persistence mechanisms in Microsoft Widows PCs and Windows based devices. AutorunCheck can be installed independent of other packages and used immediately to identify the attacks.

With the addition of the proven ConfigSafe active registry management component, analysts have the data to also determine when the attack occured and changes that were made to the registry. Find additional information about ConfigSafe from imagineLAN, Inc.


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