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WeatherEye Systems Inc. provides information technology solutions for small to medium sized companies. We specialize in applying the technologies of the Internet to your business problems.

Our expertise includes systems integration, software development, and network consulting. Whether you want a simple web site or a complete presence on the Internet, we can provide the knowledge, the solutions and the infrastructure.

Success Stories

Many of our customers have and continue to benefit from their IT and Internet investments. Read some of their stories.

Notice: FireTower Guard Available for Windows 10

FireTower Guard has been updated for Windows 10. Get FireTower Guard 2.3 now from Sampan Security.

Network World Malware Article

Read a Network World article about zero-day attacks. It notes the innovative FireTower Guard solutions to defend against these attacks.

Your Home Away from Home 

We provide virtual hosting services -- not just renting computer space.  We manage your web space with the same care you would provide on your internal systems. Our services include: 

  • custom software solutions
  • data base support and hosting
  • coordinate interfaces with intranet applications
  • domain name registration and management
  • e-mail account management and forwarding
  • site statistics and analysis

The EDR Cyber Security Solution -- FireTower Guard/IHIPS -- Available Now

If you aren't engaged in continuously monitoring your endpoints for cyber intrusions, you are leaving a huge hole in your cyber defenses. Recently coined EDR, endpoint detection and response tools are needed components of your cyber security toolset. EDR tools will fill your defensive gaps.

Features of robust EDR tools include:

  • Collect endpoint data such as registery, logon, drivers and startup files.
  • Provide a centralized view of the data in real time.
  • Provide realtime alerts to anomalies.
  • Provide user interface to analyze the data and affect actions as required.
  • Provide post event forensic analyses to examine threat pattern.

    Sampan Security offers the toolset to address these EDR requirements.

    To collect applicable end point data, FireTower Guard is a purpose built security application for protecting client PCs against all types of malware including Zero-day attacks. FireTower Guard features automatic detection, quarantine of malware including Zero-day malware at endpoint computers by monitoring and authenticating critical system state change events through a cloud based threat intelligence database called Autorun Setting Repository.

    Continuous monitoring of data, real time alerts and analyses is provided by the FireTower Cyber Console and Inter-Host Intrusion Prevention System. FireTower Continuous Monitoring for enterprises is a purpose-built security application providing live and instantly available enterprise forensic data for incident response. The included FireTower Console is an enterprise administration tool designed to monitor and control a network of protected client PCs and serve as an incident triage platform.

    Forensic analyses is provided by the FireTower Mobile Incident Response Kit. The FireTower mobile incident response kit is designed as an emergency tool to facilitate the collection of the critical Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) at the moment an incident investigation is initiated. It provides an after incident look that the FireTower Console and IHIPS provides data in real time.

    For more information and a hands on demonstration on how FireTower is your EDR solution, visit the FireTower team at


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