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WeatherEye concentrates on helping clients effectively use emerging mainstream technologies -- foremost are the opportunities created by the Internet. We help companies of all sizes use electronic commerce. Services include building customers e-presence as an extension to our systems integration business.

Systems Integration
We offer customized solutions.that match hardware, software and communications capabilities with your needs. Our solutions include the best affordable technologies specific to each client's business needs. Our services include: 

  • System design and architecture to include SOA.
  • Client-server implementations
  • Interactive multimedia applications
  • Distributable multimedia titles
  • Integrated solutions using the best commercial products and and open source tools
  • Customized software to solve your unique business needs

In the fast paced technology environment we focus on using leading edge but proven technologies. This assures our customers that a reliable system will be fielded with reasonable life expectancy.




Successful Projects
WeatherEye has helped customers implement technology to improve their business.

  • Driving Customers to You™ for The Astrup Company
  • Program Office Intranet

Solution Approach
Learn more about WeatherEye's Solutions.

Web Services
For many companies, outsourcing Web services is cost effective, retains your focus on activities related to your business, and physically isolates your routine Internet commerce from intranet processing.

WeatherEye supplies skills to fully implement Web solutions -- from the simple one page "presence" to sophisticated applications involving interactive searches, database queries, and imaging.

  • World Wide Web authoring and hosting
  • Email management and tools
  • Software development and tailoring to meet unique business needs of clients
  • Multimedia product development
  • Java Applets
  • Intranet solutions
  • Data applications

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