Solutions to Customer Service Needs

WeatherEye Systems offers a complete solution to meet your customer service needs using the Internet. We build solutions as custom turnkey products that augment your current processes.

WeatherEye Systems delivers a total business and technical solution. We incorporate formatted content, technical facilities and ongoing support after implementation. Our services can also include turnkey computers delivered to your client sites.

As a part of our services, we conduct a rigorous assessment of your current business processes. Based on your specific needs we develop a detailed design that matches a technical approach to your business needs. We then select computer components that meet design requirements and are compatible with your existing environment. WeatherEye Systems then develops and integrates all components.

Business Processes Adaptable to the Internet

Sample WeatherEye Solutions Tailored to your Business Process

Product Brochures / Catalog

  • Construct Web catalog
  • Construct and interface catalog price list to your data source
  • Prepare catalog for print

Product Specifications

  • Prepare on-line display
  • Prepare specifications in print format

Product Queries

  • Design and implement forms

Query Response

  • Develop your customized customer response process

Order Placement Form

  • Implement forms
  • Configure COTS
  • Interface to existing data systems

Order Confirmation

  • Configure ordering system
  • Interface to legacy systems


  • Link process to shipping organization


  • Format and issue invoice
  • Interface process to legacy system

Prospective Customers

  • Create feedback forms
  • Distribute customer data

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Create input forms
  • Implement search process
  • Create output formats

Technical Manuals

  • Scan, convert and format existing manuals
  • Prepare Web Versions

Assistance Requests

  • Create input forms


  • Create output formats

We design your solution using standard commercial products. These products consist of Internet servers, database access interfaces, transaction components, document preparation and publishing packages along with a number of specialized software components. Custom software and content are created and adapted to your business and computer environment. Customized code may include distributed applications called applets, database queries, and searching scripts. WeatherEye prepares and implements content using the industry standards and includes text, images, graphics, audio and video.


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