WeatherEye Completes Public Broadband Access Installation
April 26, 2003 - WeatherEye engineered and installed the publicly available network at Eppley Field in Omaha, Nebraska. The network enables PowerOasis to provide high-speed Internet access to the business traveler traveling through the Omaha Airport.

The network is a unique partnership between the Omaha airport authority, tenants and concessions. In the case of PowerOasis, the objective was to install a reliable, high performance yet affordable sub-network. Because existing phone lines were available, a campus style DSL technology was chosen. WeatherEye implemented Cisco’s long range Ethernet products thereby reducing the time to install and eliminated the need to install fiber optic cable runs. Results - significant savings for PowerOasis.

PowerOasis now provides data port services in twenty-three airports with more scheduled. The high-speed version installed in Omaha provides the traveler quick and easy access to the Internet with a quick plug in connection and swipe of a credit card of choice.

Saunders Thread Company
Pete Lovell, VP for Marketing . . . "We consider our web site a complete success." Saunders Thread Company, an innovative manufacturer of all types of high-performance threads and yarns, has increased business with the Web. On-line since early 1997, the number and quality of new business contacts continue to increase. Along with those contacts have come direct sales. Saunders has formed new business relationships with many large, well known companies through their Web presence. They have also increased their business in the international market. According to Pete Lovell, "With our close monitoring of traffic and the expert help from WeatherEye Systems, we turned an initial experiment into a sound investment."


Program Office Intranet
. . . . read about this federal government project.

New England Handpiece Repair
New England Handpiece Repair found that having a Web site was an easy and effective way to make themselves known to new customers. According to N.E. Handpiece president Jake Hellinger, "I found customers I didn't know I had."

New England Handpiece is a small company with a very specialized product having nothing to do with computers or communication, but they get great benefit from having a presence on the Internet. They repair and recondition the tools dentists use to clean your teeth. Historically, they have received most new business through word-of-mouth recommendations. Now they are getting new business from people who discovered them through their web site.

Hellinger sums up his experience with "The Internet is making me money."

Bobcat of New Hampshire
In order to expand their market presence, Bobcat of New Hampshire created a comprehensive Web site updated regularly with equipment for sale. They quickly benefited by increasing business for new equipment from New Hampshire customers as well as expanding used equipment sales.

Owner Jeff Blanchard knew that his business could be helped from a presence on the Web, but was initially unsure if the cost to create, host, and maintain a site would be worthwhile in the face of uncertain additional revenues. His small business did not need additional monthly burdens. But the results after six months shows that the web site isn't costing his business, rather it is paying dividends.

Their experience is summed up by Bobcat's Business Manager, Grant Dugan. "The value of the Web site is tremendous, and we're very pleased with what it's doing for us. We're effectively reaching customers for used equipment in Vermont and Maine."

WeatherEye provides full site support including monitoring activity. As Dugan comments," The amount and detail of information are impressive, and it lets us know how effective we've been."

Bobcat chose WeatherEye over alternatives because of their proven track record, responsive service and local access in a traditional New Hampshire home town environment.

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