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Wildlife art is fun to look at as well as create.  If you want to learn more about creating wildlife images, a number of books can begin you on your creative journey. Select the title to order.

The Best of Wildlife Art
by Rachel Wolf (Editor)
ISBN: 0891347437
Wildlife artists show you how to capture the beauty of nature in all mediums.
Nikon Guide to Wildlife Photography
by B. Moose Peterson
ISBN: 1883403065
A comprehensive guide showing you how to capture wildlife images.  Use your photos to help you create your works of art.
Painting Birds Step by Step
by Bart Rulon
ISBN: 0891346325
Examples of paintings in all mediums.  Containing works of Chris Bacon, John P. Baumlin, Terry Isaac, Jay Johnson, Dino Paravano, Thomas Quin, Sueelen Ross, Bart Rulon, Linsay B. Scott, Dave Sellers, Richard Sloan and Paco Young
American Visions : The Epic History of Art in America
by Robert Hughes
ISBN: 0679426272
Lavishly illustrated.
The HDRI Handbook: High Dynamic Range Imaging for Photographers and CG Artists +DVD (Paperback)
by Christian Bloch
ISBN: 1933952059
Lavishly illustrated.
Orangemen, The: Syracuse University Men's Basketball (NY) (Images of Sports)
by Mike Waters
ISBN: 0738534765
Syracuse Basketball Vault (College Vault) [Hardcover]
by Mike Waters
ISBN: 0794827888
Right of Way
by Andrew Winfield
ISBN: 0931846943

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