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Art is an ever expanding journey into self expressing its love for all who view the dream.

Samples of work available from Visions from the Wild is a gallery of nature and wildlife art painted by Albert Joransen. Dynamic portraits of animals in natural settings, featuring weather and environmental backdrop. Take a look at "Driven".

Featured Work

[PHOTO: Shadow of His Wings
Clothed His Neck with Thunder  Ridge Line   Eagle Souring Rejoicing in His Stregth 


[PHOTO: Sovereign Power [PHOTO: Storm Chaser [PHOTO: Moonrise Over Wolf Lake [PHOTO: From the Movies
Contentment Driven  Bearie Pickers   Run Pony Run 


  [PHOTO: Lightning  
Along the Beach 


For information on available prints, please contact Al at (763) 566-0957, or FAX your request to (763) 566-0957.
Mail requests to:
Joransen, Inc.
P.O. Box 43222
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

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