Need to tell your customers your closest location?

Allow your customers to quickly find your closest location or dealer. While they are locating your nearest location, find out more about your customer needs.

astrup-ret.jpg (13460 bytes)You can see an example by visiting The Astrup Company. Astrup is one of the major national distributors of awning, marine and sign products. As a part of a national campaign, Astrup enabled retail customers to find the closest dealer for retractable awnings.



WeatherEye provides a tailored geographic search capability. Using custom search algorithms executed from a WebObjectsTM application server, queries are returned quickly to the user. Details provided to the user may include any combination of name, address, phone number, Web site, e-mail or other data that you specify.

If you are a national retailer, national service organization, national distributor or other firm with many locations, you are candidate.


You provide information quickly to customers.

  • Enables you to provide relavent leads to your business partners.
  • Helps you gather valuable insight into customer needs.
  • Lowers your customer service cost.

WebObjects is a trademark of Apple Computer Incorporated

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