Active Catalog - Your e-commerce product catalog on the Web and in print.

Gone are the days when your print catalog is out of date as soon as it goes to press. On-line catalogs encourage companies to provide customers with current information. As products change, sales material must immediately reflect these changes. The Internet offers the best means to transmit the information. But, the old printed catalogs are then quickly dated. Of course some will say, "do away with the printed version." However, many customers still like to read and refer to printed material in addition to on-line viewing.

Now you can have it both ways. As the on-line catalog is updated through a product database, a nicely formatted print version can also be made available to customers.

WeatherEye dynamically builds catalogs using industrial strength application tools consisting of WebObjectsTM and the complimentary ReportMill product.

WeatherEye will tailor your on-line catalog presence that gives you the best of all worlds -- an integrated e-commerce solution with presentation flexibilty to meet your customers' needs. Best of all, the approach dramatically reduces the costs of producing, updating and delivering your product catalog. Send us an e-mail or call us today at 603.891.0112.



  • Selected parts of a catalog are printed.
  • Easier updates to the printed version by combining production processes and content.
  • Customers can print catalog content as needed.
  • Integrates with on-line ordering and inventory systems.
  • End users are provided with fully formatted documents that look identical to their printed counterparts.
  • Tailor content to customer needs.
  • Acrobat format integrates seamlessly with numerous authoring platforms.



  • Reduce costs to produce catalogs.
  • More easily publish catalog updates.
  • Acceptance and ease-of-use by delivering materials over the Web that have the same look and feel as hard-copy documents previously sent by mail.
  • Deliver a consistent, professional corporate image across all documents.
  • Documents are created for both printed and electronic distribution.
  • End users are provided with fully formatted documents that look identical to their printed counterparts.

WebObjects is a trademark of Apple Computer Incorporated

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