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Cyber Security for Small Business

Many small business owners believe that they are at low risk from cyber criminals. Whether you are a few person company or a small multimillion dollar operation with several hundred employees, you are at risk. Threats come from many sources. Email and Web surfing are common sources. Many of the threats are known and caught by your network security or antivirus software. Other threats are new to the scene and more difficult to detect, but still must be detected and removed. So how can you protect yourself and your business?

The first step is to review your computer environment, policies and usage. The University of Southern Maine has a useful Small Business Cyber Security Guide that can get you started. You will find many answers to common, and not so common, security questions.

The next step in the process is implement additional procedures and acquire and install any additional security components. One set of threats are the unknown threats. Most of the popular security tools aren't able to detect new threats, thus leaving you vulnerable. A number of terms are used to define these threats -- zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT) and others through persistent mechanisms. Regardless of the description, the threats are new and not previously identified. One solution is to install FireTowerGuard, a cost effect tool to not only identify these new attacks, but also eliminate the threat as well as monitor and manage the threats across your company.

Cyber security threats are not going away. As we continue to become more reliant on electronic methods of doing business, these threats will remain a significant issue that requires constant vigilance. WeatherEye Systems has been helping small businesses for the past eighteen years. We can help you today.

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