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Customer Service on the Internet

The Internet is offering new ways to reach your customers. It augments current methods by offering a richer, on demand interaction.

Customer service is a key business function -- arguably the most important. It is typically performed in a fragmented way using a multitude of approaches. A combination of technologies including telephone, faxes, letters, mailings, mass media, trade shows and other personal contact prevail. Up and coming is another method, the Internet. Internet technology can play an important role in improving customer service by establishing a business interface available to customers “on demand.”

The current situation:

Dialog continues then further activity is likely to include:

During the next few years the Internet will augment traditional customer service communications. Traditional World Wide Web home pages will be the norm. Voice and video transmission humanizes the medium. As the technology becomes common place, Internet communication will replace traditional methods as a matter of choice, efficiency and favorable economics.

To illustrate:

Will the Internet help the bottom line? Opportunities abound through salesperson efficiencies, reduced duration of sales cycle, reduced publication costs, reduced ad hoc travel, along with many others only you can imagine.

Customer Service

The Internet supports the full cycle beginning with your marketing program through sales and on to follow-up business activities.

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