World War II Bombers at Boire Field
September 9, 1995

As a part of the 50th anniversary a World War II B-17 and B-24 visited Boire Field in Nashua, New Hampshire. If you missed the show, you may want to download video clips.

[PHOTO: B-24 Nose Art]B-24 Nose Art.
(524 x 420 28 KB JPEG)


[PHOTO: B-24 Take Off]B-24J Liberator on take-off roll.
(532 x 264 19.5 KB JPEG)

b24i1s.jpg (13051 bytes)B-24J Liberator inside view looking forward to cockpit. September 14, 1997.  (289x433 52KB JPEG)

Additional interior photos taken September 14, 1997.

B-24 Starboard Forward B-24 Looking Forward to nose

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B-24 takeoff roll (240x180) short clip. [VIDEO: Download a video clip] (2.5 MB avi)

B-24 takeoff roll (240x180) clip. [VIDEO: Download a video clip] (7.2 MB avi)

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